Why Content Marketing Beats Local Tampa Media Advertising

For the overall success of any business in Tampa Bay Florida, marketing is an important factor that needs consideration. It’s a given that marketing has evolved over the years and has seen the rise of new techniques that catapult the growth of businesses. Local media advertising includes advertising, publicity, and so much more.

On the other hand, content marketing involves the use of blogs, videos articles, emails and tweets to educate and entertain. Modern businesses have the liberty to choose between content marketing and local media advertising.

That in mind, it’s worth noting how the internet has extensively taken over our lives. Moreover, the Internet has become an integral aspect in the inbound marketing sphere of many businesses. Read on to find out why content marketing beats local media advertising and why you should consider it to be ahead of the game in your business.

Tampa Content Marketing vs Local Media Advertising

Let’s face it.  A great number of people rarely take time to understand sponsored advertising messages.  A recent study by Google showed that 56% of its online ad impressions are ignored by users. People will tend to flip over channels during TV commercials, ignore online banner ads or overlook newspaper adverts. But that’s not the case with content marketing. In fact, 68% of consumers describe online ads as “annoying.”

As compared to local media advertising, content marketing is steadily on the rise to become a powerful advertising tool for businesses of all sizes in Tampa Bay Florida. This is because it tends to create a win-win scenario for both consumers and businesses. With so many businesses trying to outdo each other in the Tampa region, competition is rife and cannot be ignored.

If your blog can successfully reach your target audience in a successful manner and at the same time make them understand your businesses through the curated content that is relevant and helpful to them, you are in headed in the right direction.

Content is Always King in Tampa, and Everywhere Else

Websites with high-quality content that is regularly updated will be given priority by Google than one that has stale content and isn’t regularly reviewed.  The search engine will rank the former as the better choice for prospects.

Content that is interesting and addresses your visitors’ needs will always bring them back for more and there are high chances that they will stay around for long. You will directly benefit from this as search engines will reward you with increased traffic and an increased likelihood of getting your next client.
As you can see, it’s no longer about the local media advertising models with the biggest budgets that score big. Whoever creates the best content that is engaging and interesting wins.

Other Reasons Why Content Marketing Beats Local Media Advertising

  •  Quality and pertinent content can live for years as compared to an advertising campaign which is removed from circulation once you stop paying for it.
  •  Your audience has a higher chance of growing as people will tend to share a good article to their social media network.
  •  Consumers benefit with important information, unlike sales messages which can be annoying.

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