Why Social Media Is Important To Tampa Businesses

The popularity of the social media has opened new fronts for businesses growth and market expansion. There are numerous social media sites, but the big six include Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, Google+, Instagram, and Telegram. Every business, whether B2B or B2C, needs to have social media presence as part of its marketing mix for the following reasons.

Create brand awareness

The social media platform is an excellent place to expose your brand to numerous contacts across the globe. Unlike other channels, you can advertise your brand free of charge through social media. The platform is accessed by millions of users from around the globe every day. This makes it a wide market base for brand advertisement through which you can convert your contacts to loyal customers.

Gain credibility and trust

Over half of the people buying new products will seek the views of the friends and social media connections before they buy the goods. Prospects will often hesitate to buy from you if they don’t know your brand or have not used your product. The more the brand is seen on social media, the more you will gain credibility and trust amongst potential customers. You build this trust by sharing engaging and informative content on social media.

Contact your prospects and customers directly

Through social media, you will easily show your customers how much you care about their welfare.  Prospects and customers can contact and get their questions and concerns attended to without unnecessary delays. Moreover, you can use the platforms to show the friendly side of your brand, by replying to customer reviews which will improve the customer experience.

Boost the business website online rank

Social media can help improve traffic to your website. By regularly sharing the content of your business wall, you will attract more customers and higher search engine ranks. You should consider integrating your website with the top social media platforms to boost the traffic towards the site and also to reach out to prospective customers.

Cut your marketing cost but get better ROI

Traditional marketing methods such as the use of Radio, TV, billboards, and brochures can be expensive especially for small businesses. Social media will, however, provide an inexpensive platform through which you can reach out to a large market base and also get a positive RIO.
In addition to free social media posting, you can also pay for social media ads. The ads will target audiences matching your specified characteristics. This mode of advertising is still cheaper than most of the traditional modes of advertising and gives you instant access to the audience.

Gain market insights

The social media platform provides an opportunity of assessing the preferences of your target clients. Every like, tweet, post, or comment from your client’s insights to who they are, what they like about your personality, and what they hate about the product. Through your interaction, you will learn about the aspects that drive the market, learn about the weaknesses of your brand, and reinforce the strong points. This platform can also be used to spy on the competitors and match their latest maneuvers.

Do not wait any longer, get into social media platforms where your prospects and clients are.

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