Podcasting for Great Local SEO

Are podcasts still a “thing” and do people even listen to podcasts anymore?

Whether you listen or not, there are millions of people listening to podcasts daily. According to research podcasts are consumed frequently, especially by time-crunched executives and business owners. Many people listen to podcasts on their way to and from work.


This means that your business can benefit from providing those people with great content that illustrates what an expert you are in the field. Yes, you ARE an expert. However, if nobody knows how much you know, it’s irrelevant.  That’s where podcasts for SEO come in.

Podcasting for SEO is not just about showing people you know your stuff, it’s about those people sharing what you know, consuming it and saving it. The factors Google uses to rank you and give you relevance include how much your content is shared and utilized.

Podcasting is great because it helps you build your brand.

When you start off podcasting, you will be able to impart your wisdom on what you know. They you can reach out to other podcasters and share what you know on their podcasts. This can be done by speaking locally and getting the attention of podcasters. This can be done by reaching out to other podcasters and offering to be interviewed. This can even be getting noticed by making comments about other’s podcasts, letting them know you are listening and have something intelligent to say!

Make sure that before you reach out to people, your brand delivers a professional message. 

If you reach out to a podcaster, their first thing they will likely do is check you out at your website. Additionally, if you are featured on a podcast, they will likely just tell people to visit your website for more information. Is your website up to date, or does it say “I don’t care”, with an outdated blog and layout that doesn’t help drive customers to action? Do you post and participate in social forums regularly? Do you have good online reviews? Do you promote that you have experience in what you are trying to sell?

Set Yourself up for Success

Put a bio together about yourself, the certifications you have, your accolades, and what types of questions you will shine at. Podcasters love these as they can just read them before they introduce you. You could even go so far as to type up some pre-done questions (like celebrities do for talk shows), so there is even less work for them to do. You should even put this online on your website as many podcasters will include a link to your bio and site (also amazing for SEO).

Get Comfortable

You should get comfortable talking on podcasts and answering questions. You will likely be doing this over a phone or skype. Think up some questions and record yourself answering them. Do you sound excited? Do you sound professional? Count your “ums”, and “likes” that you say so you can work on eliminating them. Working sitting up and smiling while you talk!


Podcasts for SEO can help you build your brand and reach more people who you can help. Give it a try and see how you could benefit. If you would like help with your SEO of even free podcasting advice click here and let’s talk (it’s free!).


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