Evergreen Website Content Promotion Checklist

Thinking of getting to the top of the search engines with your brilliant content?  It’s not just about writing an article, posting it, and waiting for the money to roll in.  There’s actually a sad term in our industry for this.  It’s called “Publish and Pray”, and it doesn’t work.

Next time you hit publish on an article, take a few minutes to review this checklist. Then, take a few key steps to promote your great piece of content

to your existing audience or grow your authority online. First, I’ll run through each of the steps, in order. Then, I’ll explain the why and how behind each step, so that you can both understand what to do, but why and how I’ve included it as a step.

 Pre-Publish Content Promotion

  • Set up a click to tweet URL.
  • Make a list of any brands, authorities, or influencers you mention in the article.
  • Write an ‘Influencer Outreach Email.’
  • Write a ‘VIP Outreach Email.’
  • Write an email to your general list promoting the article.
  • Add a contextual call to action to the end of the article.
  • Extract the actionable parts of the article and turn them into a downloadable guide: a “lead magnet”.

Content Promotion

  • Add the article to the relevant drip / autoresponder on your email list
  • Send a broadcast email to your list promoting the article, excluding anyone about to receive the article as part of an autoresponder campaigns
  • Tweet at brands or influencers you mention in the article, let them know that the article is live and ask them share it with their audience.
  • Send a short email to brands or influencers you mention in the article, asking them if they’d be interested in reading the article.
  • If you use Meet Edgar or another social media scheduling tool, queue up the tweet.
  • If you’ve people tagged VIPs (friends or people who frequently comment) in your email service provider, send them an email about the article.
  • If the article is relevant to a past client or customer, email it out to them.
  • If you wrote the article in response to a question online, share the article in that thread.
  • Embed a tweet promoting the article within the article. If someone has already tweeted about the article, embed their tweet. If not, then tweet about it yourself and embed your tweet.
  • Share the article with relevant online communities that reach the same audience you’re trying to reach.

Evergreen Website Content Promotion  Conclusion

Yes, this work getting your article out there.  Many business owners (and some SEO firms in the Tampa area) simply stop at the publish part of the process.

You are writing an article so it gets exposure, read, and increases the value to your business as an expert or helper in your field. It’s worth spending the time to get it in front of as many people who may read it as possible.

If you need help or would rather just focus on actually doing your business and letting someone else do the heavy lifting, we can help.  Call us today and we can talk about a blogging strategy that will get you customers.


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