I Need More Leads – Musings From A Tampa SEO Expert

I’ve seen incredible confusion from CEOs, marketing people and clients surrounding differences in Leads and what they mean to different people.  I

Why Inbound Marketing Creates Better Customers

The ever increasing competition in the business world demands that businesses move swiftly towards innovative marketing techniques that will help them

Why Reputation Management is Critical In Tampa FL

Imagine all those hours you put in to start, manage, and grow your online brand wasted when your sales start going down fast, your frequent customers

Evergreen Website Content Promotion Checklist

Thinking of getting to the top of the search engines with your brilliant content?  It’s not just about writing an article, posting it, and waiting

The Importance of Keyword Research

When you hear “You can rank number one in Google”, beware because the keywords they may rank you for may sound good but be irrelevant to getting n

What Is SEO?

Search engine optimization, SEO for short is exactly what the name suggests: it is the aspect of optimizing/tweaking web text, images, and videos to a

Why Social Media Is Important To Tampa Businesses

The popularity of the social media has opened new fronts for businesses growth and market expansion. There are numerous social media sites, but the bi

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