Large or Small?  SEO will be different.

Large or Small?  SEO will be different.

I just started working with two companies. One a large online shopping site and the other a small l



So, everyone has heard of SEO and most companies have already gone totally in, checked it out or at least tried it in the past.

Podcasting for Great Local SEO

Are podcasts still a "thing" and do people even listen to podcasts anymore? Whether you listen or not, there are millions of people listening to po

SEO and Your Business – The Business of SEO

The Business of SEO Today, everyone has heard of SEO, or Search Engine Optimization, and has likely formed an opinion on it. Most companies have ei

Google Shopping Actions and Why You Should Care

SEO and the 800 Pound Gorillas

This article is about why your local SEO is critical to staying in business. …and no, I’m not being drama

Voice Search? Another Thing to worry about?

Voice Search? Another Thing to worry about?

Just when you thought you had your website and blog all sorted out, along comes voice search. Wh

Mobile SEO – Why Most Companies Still Don’t Get It (and why that can be good for you)

Why most companies still don’t get mobile for SEO

Mobile SEO is a thing.  It’s not going away. Just because you don’t use your phone

How To Rank SEO Faster in The Tampa Bay Area

SEO is a long-term game, but in many cities, like Tampa, where we do most of our work out of, there is intense pressure to get results soon. Here

Why Most Tampa SEO is Horrible

If you have a local business in Tampa, you have likely attempted to either “do” SEO or you have paid for SEO.  I’m guessing your SEO journey di

Local Search and Local SEO Results

Local search has been Google's baby lately and while they are on a full push to make sure users get great results, small businesses in Tampa are feeli

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