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Wouldn’t it be great if there were an ATM where you could put a dollar in and it gave you back two?  …or $3, …or $5?  There is a machine like that.  It’s called paid search advertising.  With the right mix of strategy, offer, creative and oversight, paid search advertising becomes this magic ATM.

Paid Search Marketing and Management In Tampa FL

We believe that a strong online marketing strategy in the Tampa Bay area involves a mix of smart strategy and activity.  We also believe that a solid paid search strategy helps prime the pump for leads and new customers quickly as you start an overall search campaign.

Paid local search in the Tampa Bay metro area is a great way to supplement a solid SEO campaign.  By integrating all the elements together, it strengthens them and amplifies your efforts.

“I’ve Tried Google AdWords and Bing and Never Got Customers”

Unfortunately, we hear that all the time.  While these platforms make it easy to set up campaigns and start spending money right away, getting a return is not always easy.  Why do you think they offer those $100 in free ad credits so often? (hint: because they’re so easy to spend!).

Maybe you even had someone help you with your campaign.  There are tons of website building firms in the Tampa bay area and Sarasota that will tell you they manage SEO and Paid Search too.  However, what you find is a lackluster return for your money and you find when you bring this up they keep just pushing you to spend more because their fees are based on a percentage of your spending.

What you need is a smart company to set up your campaign using the same methods the fortune 500 companies use and then manage your budget to maximize returns. We have the experts and the big boy software that makes day trading look like child’s play (Yes, even if you’re just spending $1000!)

It’s time you saw results from your paid search.  We can help.  Contact us today and we’ll help you reach your goals and show you just how cost effective paid search can be.

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